Mama, You Are Loved!

You asked me when you were dying what was the point to life, to your life and I told you that it was to be loved and you were and still are. I love you now but you are no longer here to receive it and I think it overflows sometimes. It has been 14 months now and I'm still waiting for it to get better to stop missing you so terribly and move on but I seem unable to. You were my significant other as I do not have a partner or child, you were my best friend and we got along good. If you were not my mother then we would have been best friends anyway. I get through day by day and mostly I block the grief but sometimes, like today it just sneaks on through and I feel desolate. I always talked to you when things got bad and there is no substitute. I miss you and love you and you'd be proud of your two naughty dogs, they're still naughty but more restful now, they still miss you too, you were the best Mama in the world.

Chrissyx2 Chrissyx2
31-35, F
1 Response May 5, 2010

I still miss you Mum. Three and half years have passed and I have the strong urge to pick up the phone and call you. Your death is so final, no ghost, no angel, just emptiness where once there was you.