Iwords Will Never Explain My Loss

You have no idea of how you have changed me inside and out.  I now know what I have been missing for the last 22 years of being single.
You touched my soul more than anyone ever has and ever will.  I can't touch you or speak to you.  That is more of a punishment than any other pain that I have ever felt.

Don't you miss me?  Don't you miss our sweet lovemaking?  Don't you ever second guess yourself?  I saw so much potential and you sabotaged our relationship.  For what, so that you can hang with your friends and party on the weekends?

We both know it was much more than the lovemaking.  IT WAS TRUE LOVE.  I saw it in your eyes.  If I could only somehow have stopped the clock so that we could still be together.

Please know that I miss you more than you will ever know.  I LOVE YOU.

mysweetangelbaby mysweetangelbaby
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7 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Thank you so much Cynical1. That said it all.<br />
<br />

To know as I gaze into the darkness<br />
of my room as I sleep<br />
if you wish your head was near my shoulder<br />
a moment not lost in time<br />
but forever fr<x>amed as<br />
"perfect".<br />
I hope you miss me too<br />
if only to know<br />
it was real...and that we both hurt<br />
at our loss<br />
I miss you Love.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry for your loss.<br />
(inspired me to be spontaneous)

Bev<br />
That would be a pleasure.

Rhanks Roxanne for your kind words. I hope we can be friends.<br />
<br />

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am hoping I can move on soon. It is just a major depression at the moment. Appreciate your kind feedback and support.<br />
<br />

I too know how you feel. Love hurts at the best of times when you cannot be with someone who you love so much, let alone when you lose them.<br />
I hope you find somone to take some of the pain away.

I feel your pain, Bev. You have been torn inside out. Hope you meet someone nice real soon, may be right here on EP. I am here to support and believe in you. Have faith in yourself... Good days are just around the corner. Bonnie