You Will Never Know How I Really Felt

I didnt know whether it was just timing or just the universe screwing with me, 
But i had never fallen  so deep in love with someone like him before
I literally idolized him, i wrote pages then eventually books of poetry about him
I loved him and gave hum every inch of me, gave him my soul, my heart on a plate
Told him to do whatever he wanted to with it...
Then he just rejected it, 
He never owned me, never admitted to loving me, never acknowledged me,
Simply said that it was just me,
I guess i imagined the entire thing...
Even tho its been years, i still love him
And truthfully, i never want to experience that kind a love again...
So i built a universe around that no one will ever get close to me,
I do not want myself to fall so in love that i lose my mind, i lose all control
And once again i am rejected, hurt or in pain...
I feel like i want to be loved, but then again i dont want to be loved...
Maybe he felt overwhelmed by me, or maybe he wasnt ready for what i was willing to offer
Whatever the case, i just never felt he knew the power he had over me...
And if he did, he has no idea how he has affected me even now...Ma
MaskedAngel16 MaskedAngel16
22-25, F
May 11, 2012