Leaving Live Behind.

i cant believe ima leaving my life behind. everything gone in guess 2 weeks. what am i going to do ima so lost in this place i have no choose but to go my life will be gone and my sisters that ima leaving behind will be in great pain how can i leave them here to cry in my shadow that i left behind. ima leaving them everything my heart my love even my soul ima only taking my body. but nor only am i leaving my life and sisters but ima leaving my boyfriend which i never got to say goodbye or i love you. but i knew there wasn't much between us, but still. ima miss not having my crazy friends by my side everyday. ima miss him but i know he will bring a smile to my face even when ima 2000 miles away, just by a single text. ima miss the hot weather, the sun and the blue skys i wont see that up in Washington or Oregon. but the one thing i feel like ima miss with all of my heart is going to be my little makeshift family i made here in TX. my crazy sisters, my Lil loving bro, and my friends. its the life i made here and ima have to do the same up there but i know that they will ever be like my family ima leaving here in TX. and i hope i never leave y'alls hearts cuz i know y'all will never leave mine. i love yall so much my heart aches.
nightmareprincess13 nightmareprincess13
13-15, F
Jun 9, 2012