Fifty Red Roses

Its nights like these,
When everyone around me,
Is asleep, lost in their dreams,
That I am left awake,
Going through the countless memories I have of you.

It's all I can do,
To get through the days,
Acting like I don't miss you,
Pretending I've forgotten you.

But here I am again,
In the first hours of a new morning,
Remembering the nights,
I would fall asleep to your whispered words,
Lips caressing my ears,
Willing me into a careful slumber,
Protected by your arms and
Atleast a million 'I love you's

If I do recall,
It was fifty red roses,
That lay scattered artfully across the floor,
Leading down the hallway,
As you sit in an empty room,
Candle lit and smiling up at me,
You extend your arms and nuzzle your face,
Into my hair, kissing my neck,
Explaining how much you missed me

It was January,
As we walked through the woods,
Approaching the lake,
As we layed down in the snow,
You turned towards me,
Face serious,
And told me I was an angel,
As you kissed my hands to keep them warm,
I knew our love was pure, true, and never ending.

So here I lay,
Remembering the countless coffee filled mornings,
Waking up with your arms around me,
Softly biting my ear, telling me to wake up,

Remembering the days,
Filled with your bad jokes,
Slow kisses, bear hugs,
And a million oppurtunities,
A million discoveries,
Just waiting for us.

Thinking of the nights,
You'd hold my shaking body,
Pressing your warm, strong frame against me,
Whispering, mumbling,
Kissing, bodies tangled,
Limps wound together,
A knot of certainty.

We needed eachother,
Someone to hold onto,
While everything spun out of control

Our final night,
We lay,
Closer and closer,
You whispered in my ear before I fell asleep,
I'll see you in heaven my angel.

I smiled at the thought.
It seemed to be so distant.

I wake up,

A note lay on the pillow next to me,
It read
My darling girl,
Mine forever, yours completly, we do what must be done, alone or together I will always be by your side. Like i always told you, one tear is worth more then a waterfall. Please dont cry. Dont miss me like ill miss you. But angel, ill be watching over you. I love you, but my time is up.
My love always,

Something was so wrong,
So very wrong.

I flipped it over, and it said 12.

It was 11:50.
His house was 2 miles away from mine.

So I ran.

I was seconds too late.
Precious time,
That always seems to slip right out of our hands,
For the clock does not go backwards for anyone.

Your body lay limp,
Motionless except for the blood pooling around you,
It covered me,
Sank into my skin as I held your body

6 hours passed,
My body was broken,
My soul was missing,
And my heart was dead in my arms.

See you in heaven, love.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
Jun 27, 2012