I Am Always With You

I met a boy who became my first REAL crush. After 3 weeks of dating we went on my first REAL date at the local pizza place. He was the first boy I ever held hands with as we walked down the street, he was the first boy I ever kissed under the oak tree in front of the park, and the first boy I felt so attached to. I leaned into him like he was my crutch, and if he moved from my side I would fall. But that is exactly what happened. He left me for another, a girl named Amber, who was prettier than me, I guess. But she was a popular girl, and I'm sure he regretted going to her, because she used him for his best friend. I miss him more than I can express, because you can't put your feelings into words. And we no longer talk, because he knows he was wrong to judge me. But I also learned not to depend on someone to much, because when they leave, they take part of you with them. But I still love him, and I hope to see him soon.
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There will always be lemons before the lemonade. Your story is a sad and common one, unfortunately. One I have seen and heard many a times. I will tell you this though, it's not the only story out there! Many of the stories I have heard have very happy endings. It's the ppl that are smart enough to learn from their negative experiences, and take those lemons, and find that sugar, that can make that lemonade! It's out there, you just have to believe in it, trust in it but only ask for it from someone that has taken the time to really earn that trust. Never forget how beautiful you are. If you have trouble remembering from time to time ask the one's around you that love you and they will remind you. Never back away from taking a chance, in particular at love . The good result is success and the even better result is a lesson you will take with you for life. Most importantly, take those chances and have fun while you do! The biggest mistake in life is never having taken a chance at all. My very best and hopeful wishes to you.

I know i you feel because i had my boyfriend use me but for my best friend i trusted him and told him my deepest secrets and regret it now your story has helped me more than you will ever know thank you