<3 Him <3

So I liked this boy called fin we went out for a bit, but decided not to tell. ( to avoid drama ) Over the holidays we didn't keep in touch. I assumed it was over and then my best friend asked him out :( . I still hadn't told her and neither had he. It crushed me when he said yes but what was I to do? I went on with my life and had my first kiss. I acted like I hated him but never really did. During that summer (while still dating my friend) he told me that he loved me ... I didn't want to ruin my friendship but all I wanted was Fin. I went out with him for two weeks but i felt so guilty. I hated it when my friend said oh I love him. Cause he didn't love her. All I wanted to do, during summer brake was go and ask him to hang out somewhere near the lake. I could never bring my self to do it. But I wish I had cause soon I heard that my BFF was dating my ex boyfriend/my first kiss. I never could forgive her. And know I blown my chance with both of them ... Never to return!
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13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013