I Miss You. It's That Simple.

Truth is I'm doing okay these days, and I've been doing okay, until I saw his eyes. Heard his voice. And before I had a chance to stop it in advance, all those memories I exiled from my mind after he left on that cold day in December flooded my head instantaneously. And in those memories I found an immense sense of happiness that I hadn't felt in God knows how long.

I replay a thousand memories that were once a huge part of my life and let myself feel everything I had worked so hard to suppress. That first kiss. The warmth of his body that felt so vibrant beneath my skin as he'd patiently lay with me as I vented every single possible thought in my head. The beating of his heart that felt so alive beneath my forehead as I'd lay my head against his chest. That wonderful feeling of the skip of my heartbeat and the pitter patter of the wings of butterflies that filled my stomach any time I saw him. Simply enough, my memories are wrapped up in this nutshell that I built around one person.

But memories aren't reality, no matter how many times you revisit them, or play them over in your head. The fact of the matter is, he's gone. Gone for good. Another chapter of my life closed. Even though tomorrow will come, and the day after that, and even though I'm gonna be fine on every one of those days, I miss him....a lot more than I let anyone, especially myself, ever believe.

LifeOfAGingerKid LifeOfAGingerKid
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You write beautifully, I hope you find somebody else

Thank you so much! & Thanks. I'm sure I will in time. I'm just gonna enjoy the single life for now though. No point in stressing. Lol.