Even Though We Talk Everyday

I miss seeing you walk by the trees where we would sit on campus. I miss the fact that I could go to your room and just chill. I miss seeing your smile, I miss seeing you. I miss being around you with your infectious personality that gets me laughing. I  miss that you are not at school with me anymore. Even though we talk on the phone, send text messages and chat in IMs, nothing can compare to the real deal. I miss seeing you dance that particular dance to any song and even though I tell you that I miss and love you, I miss you oh so much. I really do miss you my Morena Osha, more than you will ever know.

Even if it is just a lil call through out the day, it helps me from not missing you too much. But I do miss you. My heart weeps when I don't hear from you, because the heart you call home is missing you. I miss the lil things you say. I miss standing in your presence and looking into your eyes. I have your pictures but as said before, nothing compares to the real deal. My Morena Osha, I love you but at the same time, I am missing you more than you will ever know.

KashK KashK
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 10, 2008

It is so true..talking to someone everyday..just isnt the same as seeing them!!! It is very hard!!

Thanks WM, I pray that we will be together real soon too. Even though we talk, its still hard missing her

Sweeyie, your love story is bitter sweet. Your love is strong, And the pain of not being with her. I pray youll be together soon.

I was crying when I was writing this piece. What can I say, I just miss my baby.