How Can

How can you miss someone for years, that you only knew a few days?


How can you miss someone that still had no ability to talk except a few words, one of which was mother, and directed at me.

I miss those inquizzative little brown eyes, those comical expressions you possessed for under your two years, I miss that smile- the extending of your arms everytime I walked into your room, no matter how many others were gathered around you.  I miss that you were the one who taught me how to love unconditionally and the meaning of my life being bereft from what it should have been.

I miss you and yet you will never remember me

I have no idea where you are now, they moved you from the abandoned babies unit, and when I returned to Romania, I could not find you.

 And therefore I abandoned you, and as the years have passed, I have no clue where you are

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I know the feeling ... some people you meet leave a life long impression on your heart, mind and soul. I remember people I met from my church I went to 40 years ago. I remember how nice they treated me and to this day around Christmas time I remember them. I can't remember their names, only what they looked like.

Beautiful, touching, sad and yet heartwarming! You did touch that child with your love and that love will live forever in the heart of that dear child. You did not abandon that baby. Circumstances separated the two of you. I have a feeling that you will be remembered always and cherished. Some bonds are so instant and strong. Yours was and, clearly, by the way you described the little one's reaction to was the bond to you. I cannot imagine the sadness you carry with you when you look back, but do not believe for a minute that you are not remembered. Try, instead, to realize that there is a plan and imagine a bright and happy future for the dear little one that has impacted your heart so profoundly.

That was beautiful yet very sad. I understand how you miss someone you didnt know very long. I had a son a week and two days ago. Even though I only got to hold him a few hours, I will still miss him every day that passes by. I love him with all my heart. He was placed in adoption. I have two stories on that subject. Feel free to message me if you nneed someone to talk to.

to sad for comment!

wow thats a great story but so sad at the same time

There is no need for you to find this child ...... for you have already touched this life..... That child will forever carry the feeling of love and hope which you installed , and is better for having been under your care .......

Oh Flutter ...hugs to you honey. I know she will always think of you.