Missing You

I miss you like…

the sky misses the sun

the sea misses the waves

the moon misses the stars.


I miss you like…

the hunger needs the food

the thirst needs the drink

the plants miss the dung

the flowers miss the water.


I miss you

as if the wind breeze

couldn't kiss my lips

or the rain drop

couldn't wet my body


I miss your words

that touch my heart

that reassure my soul

that keep my memories.


Yes, I miss you now.


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6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Awesome words Princess. xxx

its a beautiul poem .... makes me think .... like a fire misses heat .... I miss someone ....

Beautiful as always. Lucky man! I miss you! Smiles

If stars were away from sky..thats what it means to miss somebody..ur words are always beautiful tp,many hugs*

How could he complain, I can't see it? ...

Lucky man :)