I Miss You

when you are not with me. i miss your soft sensual kisses that make me forget everything, and bring me into the moment like nothing i am yet to experience. your cute youthful hair that wonderfully frames your beautiful face. your gentle alluring eyes that always inspire me to try. your perfect perky **** that are nearly impossible to resist. your soft young warm skin that my fingers glide over like soaring wing tips. i miss your bright endearing smile that always reminds me that everything will be alright. your freshly shaved bald *****, which is smoother than anything i have ever felt in my life. your child like voice that stirs and invokes my protective masculine side. your womanly moans of pleasure when you are closing in on a well deserved ***. your feminine smelling skin that destroys and liberates me at the same time, every time. i miss your adorable little hands and feet that i could stair at and in twine with my own with for hours. your curious thoughtful mind that challenges me to expand and rethink my often hardened thoughts and molding feelings about everything. your flirtatious mannerisms and loving gestures keep me connected to you and ever devoted to our lovers union together. your tight supple *** always drives me nearly mad, until i have to have it in my hands. i miss your lovely figure that has enraptured my imagination as a photographer who always thinking of how best to capture it's graceful form and angelic essence. your ever true and soothing heart always brightens that place in me that is so very dark. your mirror like soul to my own, makes me think that maybe i am not so alone as i have ever feared myself to be. i miss you so much baby. i miss all of that and so much more that i can say here, or describe in words. i miss you with all that i am, for not a cell in my body does not long for you completely. i miss you.
CopperCoil CopperCoil
36-40, M
1 Response May 16, 2011

Oh, your ex<x>pressions of desire and desc<x>riptions of your love are so touching. She must be one special lady. Hope you are with her soon. love2day