Long Distance Relationships Suuuuuck

So I'm in college now. I moved 7 hours away from my hometown to study at this ridiculous college.
My girlfriend is back home, still in high school.
We've been together about 18 months now.
It's been 4 months since i've been gone.
I've visited her a couple times, so it hasn't been that bad.
We skype just about every day.
But whenever she's in school or she's out, and i'm left alone with nothing to keep me occupied but my thoughts - I get soooo frickin depressed!
It's horrible.
I cry, "Why did i chose to come here? Was it even worth it?"
It's crazy sometimes. But i think i mostly just need someone to talk to, to vent all my thoughts so that they're not just suffocating me. Buuuut, since i'm in a same-sex relationship and i have no friends over here yet, it's not so easy to vent at the person sitting next to me.
I wish i could teleport to where she is. I would hide in the closet or under the bed. Just so i could feel and smell her next to me.
Is this stuff normal?
I don't miss anyone but her. Well, sometimes my dog and my old room, but never like this.
I feel alone without her, like my insides are missing and all i feel is rocks in my throat and a pit in my gut. Even when I'm out with friends or in class, i feel so unprotected and so little.
KittyxGummyBear KittyxGummyBear
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012