These are the moments that I need you the most when our kids are crying and screaming. But no you are locked up you put yourself there by your actions... Makes me want to leave me you say you love me and need me but your not here with me every night helping with our 3 kids we made then not just me.. But I'm doing everything now everythings on my shoulders you just have to get out who knows when that will be.. But I'm not leaving you we are going to make it through this. Or kids deserve a great Mommy and daddy but if we don't change were done..... I love you till my last day
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i could play daddy while he inside


then stay loyal to ur jail bird then gawl

That's what i plan to do I love my husband

hes gonna come back n give u prison aids

No he's not

his prison boyfriend is gonna cause u some trouble

Ha-ha aren't you funny not my husband doesn't take sh!t so that's not going to happen to him

Lol he's just mad he can't have me lol

Yeah but it happens on here all the time lol

:) you seem in a better mood

That's a great attitude keep your head up:) your beautiful

Your welcome :)

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