I Miss My Teacher

I miss my teacher, she was the best social studies ever. She was fun and awesome. She would get excited talking about social studies, and do anything to get the students attention so we can learn. Like climb on desks and raise her voice in a fun way. She really was the best teacher. Last year in class she just fainted to the ground and the ambulance came and picked her up. We were not kept in the loop alot but were informed every so often. She was fighting it for a very long time, and another teacher of took videos of us students and pictures to send to her because we all missed her. She died because of the doctors, they took to long to figure out what she had wrong with her, the teacher never really told us a specific cancer, just said cancer. If the doctors found out earlier she could have lived, I hate those doctors alot. Every Friday we would get a break from work and watch some shows on DVDs. She was so important, she inspired me to be a better student in school and I got better grades because of her, but ever since that phone call, and other stuff happening in my life, my grades have been dropping, but now I am gonna finish off the school year strong, do it for her. I miss you, rest in peace. You are in a better place now, she was in a lot of pain. But she is in a better place. This happened a couple months ago.
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That's really nice that you guys sent her videos and pictures while she was fighting the cancer. I'm sure that meant a whole lot to her. And that's a good idea to let you guys have some time to watch the videos on your own to help deal with the loss. Sounds like she was very inspiring to you and probably some other people too. It's a shame that really nice people like her have to go, but at least she left many good memories behind for everyone to remember her by.

I miss her, she was really a good teacher. Nobody really hated her at all.