Every Night

Every night as i lay down,
Sleep darts away from me
We clash like silver swords,
or waves on the sandy beach,

Every night my eyes can't close,
My mind refuses to rest
Your memories race through my brain,
Leaving my thoughts a sick mess

Every night i hear your voice,
your face is all i see
I lay awake, crying and lonely,
Silently begging you to hold me

Every night i dream of us,
And all that we could be
I'm haunted by what could have been,
And your sweet memories

Every night i hug myself tight,
Pretending that it's you,
I'm haunted by those three little words,
Do you think of them too?

Every night i tossed and turn,
Craving your gentle touch
How can something i've never felt,
Be something i want so much?
MindyBear95 MindyBear95
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Some people believe, there is a one
The one who points, your way to the
A person they believe, makes them
complete The one who will support, when
facing defeat 'You are my angel', my one and only
My forever love, so we'll never be
You've brought to my life, all your love
and care
It made me see, when I realized how rare . .
It is to meet your angel, or their
lifetime one....
What you've done, you've illuminated
my soul
It's you and your love, that has made
me whole.
The feel of your love, your soft touch
and caress We're tight so close, your heart beats
in my chest. All that we have, always felt missing
Though I love you today, tomorrow it
will be more.
Our love is life, we are the strongest
tree Which will always grow forever, like
you and me. You have opened my heart and held it
so dear
You are my angel and will always keep
it near.
You have seen my ups and cared
when I was low. 'You are my angel', I just need you to
know. You entered my life, through a ray of
sun above
And when we leave, we will leave
together in love
My love for you, has become my
reason to be I hope one day you'll find, your angel
in me. Lots of love baby!!!! I love you so damn much my baby!!!

sounds awesome

Thanks so much!

your very welcome loved it