Maybe Someday,...

Most people don't understand what we had. They would have judged. I can honestly say that I love you. Not loved, Love.

It's hard for me to accept why is it that it ended so suddenly. One day you were there. The next you weren't. We shared so much even in the short time we had. People can say that it wasn't real, that we are teens and we don't understand love. But no matter, I think we did. Maybe even more so than they did.

A year has gone by, and yes I've become a year older. I wonder if you remembered my birthday. I remembered yours, even though you do not age anymore. Remember the time when I told you, I wished I could get to 18 years of age and then stop? Be 18 forever? It's so ironic how you got what I wanted. But I will go over 18 for you, because you told me it was dumb to think that way since no one can be one age forever. But you are.

I wish I could see you. Just the other day I had a dream with you in it. I went to your house and you opened the door. I couldn't move, I was so happy to see you. You smiled at me, and I smiled back. We talked for what seemed like hours, but it all ended to soon. I woke up that day with tears in my eyes.

I wonder if you still remember me. I remember everything, your voice, your smile, your eyes, your dimples (which I absolutely adored). Our hands intertwined, our walk by the beach or trhough the park, our first kiss, your strong but gentle hands wiping away my tears. And your hugs. I miss them so much, feeling your arms around me, that feeling of safeness and love.

I know you are somewhere better, but no matter how much time goes by, I cant seem to forget you. Sometimes, the pain is so strong it gets hard to breath, and my eyes burn with tears desperately wanting to escape. Other times, the pain is in the backround, like a sad, soft melody. Soft but always there.

Hey J, maybe someday I can see you again. Maybe we will meet and maybe you will remember me, maybe you won't. Maybe someday, I will feel your kisses again. Maybe someday, I will feel your strong arms surround me again. Maybe someday, I will hear, in that beautiful voice of yours, those last 3 words you said to me: "I Love You"
LostLoveJ LostLoveJ
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013