I Miss You..

I miss the way I used to hold you close.. Hearing your heart beat in your Chest
I miss the way you looked at me as if you were saying "never leave"
I miss your gentle kisses & soft touch..
Now all I have left of you is memories ...
Like a couple summers back, sneaking out late at night.. Just to watch the empty sky... Not one single star to show, hearing the bird chirp & the sun rise
Now all I have left is pictures
Like the one of us on my shelf
The one from the day we jus sat around the house and ate cereal..
I know well meet again one day, I know you're in a better place, I wish I could of told you one last time how much I loved you.. The last thing I said to you was "I hope to see you soon"
I will.. One sweet day I'll be in your arms again, but until then my dear play guitar with the angels.. Watch over me.. I can feel you with me sometimes..
All I have is these memories.. These pictures....
I miss you...

Rest in Paradise Austin Leigh
9.10.93-11.27.12 3
Kayyluhh Kayyluhh
18-21, F
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nice !