I've been with my now ex-boyfriend for about 10 years ( on and off ). We broke up about 3 1/2 months ago. You would think that I would get use to breaking up since we've done it so many times. But it's never easy and this time is no exception . I think It hurts now more than ever this time around because deep down inside I know this is it . This time it's permanent . I keep telling myself that being apart is what's best , but I can't help but feel the urge to contact him and try to make it work ONE more time . I miss him so much , I miss us, I miss my best friend. The pain is almost unbearable. Some mornings I wake up feeling soooo empty , so unfulfilled. I know I probably sound crazy and even desperate but I can't help how I've been feeling . Sometimes I feel like the pain will never go away and I feel like I'll never get over him . My heart aches so badly :'( . How can I possibly put 10 years worth of memories behind me ? :( . I'm so lost and emotionally vulnerable . How long does it take to stop missing a person you've created 10 years of memories with :'(
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We have the same situation as in the same. We were also together for 10years on and off but he broke up with me just a week ago. I miss him so much and i really want him back :(

People changes, that's why relationships changes too. Especially when you are very young we tend to see the world , people differently compared to when you become more mature, just like happened with me too. You become more confident with time which can make you to realise what you should continue & what you shouldn't, what you should keep & what you shouldn't keep in your life .

hard to let go..but youve no choice, because its where you at right now.. :( im sorry

I know :(

youll get through it.. in time... i know its hard to change what you get used to...