Wasn't Even Mine But Felt Like It Was.

I raised you. You were a newborn and my sister just ignored you. I was in High School and did the best I could. I remember you smiling and waiting for me when I got home. How you would ram my chair while doing homework, with you little walker. How you took your first steps from Granny to me. Then my sister started to notice. When you started talking you called Granny and me momma. Then you called your momma "Tracy". She left with you, without even knowing how to care for you. I cried. For 3 years I cried and missed you. Then my sister contacted me. I saw you again. You were beautiful. You remembered me. You always loved me and looked up to me. For these past 4 years we had a great bond. When your momma go in trouble and Ike destroyed your house, you lived with me. I cared for you again. For 6 months I gave you what you never had. A stable home, hot meals with vegetables. I loved you and you mother tried to give you to me. You wanted your mother though. Then you mother thought I betrayed her. I went to the store and came back to a note. You were given a choice, go with the mother you longed for, or stay with me. You had left. i got no goodbye once again. I still hate your mother for hurting me twice. i hope you are happy. I am still crying though because I miss you so much, even though you weren't mine.

Valkieri Valkieri
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

i'm sorry