I Miss You ..

   It's just another day. But I miss you. Whatever I do, I can only hear your words ringing in my ears. I can feel your sorrow as if it is my own. I can understand your anguish when you couldn't  tell me what the matter is. I have tried my best to make you say, to have it out of your mind but in vain.

  I wish you had told me. I wish you will tell me at least now. I wish you would let me help you reduce your pain. I wish I were with you..to hold you in my arms and comfort you. Oh, how I wish you will understand.

  I want to be there for you to share your sorrows too. I want you to know, though you won't see this, that I really love you a lot and that missing you is all I do now.

      "Why this pain,

       This heart ache?

       Why this distance

       And silent tears?


      Stranded ties,

      Broken hearts,

      Shattered dreams,   

      a world so dark."


zameen zameen
18-21, F
Dec 23, 2009