Desires And Reality

I know what must be.

But now I'm facing three long days and even longer nights without seeing your face, hearing your voice, or sharing any part of your life.


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I have read Proverbs. It is full of common sense and wisdom. The thing about the piano was a joke. I know God doesn't work like that. :)

If you need for God to speak to you, read his word (the bible; basic instructions before leaving earth) and also fellowship with other spirit filled christians who can share what they have learned in their spiritual growth, If you need to speak to GOD he is available 24-7-365 hours,days wk, yr. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he does listen and answer prayers. It has been said that God whispers in the good times, but shouts to us in our misery, has something to do with our motivation for wanting to listen. The bible says that GOD looks throughout the earth and there are none that are righteous no not one, and even Jesus said why do you call me "good" when there is none that are good except my father GOD in heaven. But the good news is that if we confess our sins and repent (means turning around and going the other way), he is just and righteous to forgive our sin and heal us. God is merciful to those that seek him. As far a piano's go I do not think God will drop a piano on your head, we do not realize that we often are responsible for dropping piano's on our own heads, and we get hurt as a consequence of our own sin, and GOD is not even involved. One of the dangerous things about "free will".<br />
So the best thing to do is learn how to live wisely . I recommend you read the book of proverbs it will give you a lot of guidance and common sense.

Shadaisy - :)<br />
<br />
Reality - I don't really know that God is very happy with me right now. He might be about to drop a piano on my head.

patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait. Ask yourself what God is trying to teach you while you wait... Life is not just getting to a destination in space in time but the changes that God can make in you as he molds and shapes you into the person you were meant to be.Ask for his help in your understanding what it is that he is doing in your life. God will give you wisdom if you ask and if you seek him diligently with all your heart.

sweet..... i understand :0)

Three nights. Or all nights. I guess. The weekend. No reason for her to leave.