I lost my baby girl Jacei Jan 26 at 19weeks I was so hurt an still is its like I'm alone trying to cope with everything family and friends try to comfort but they end up saying the wrong thing I'm so sad I miss her a lot.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

I'm deeply sorry for ur loss,i know the feeling.It hurts,time heals but it hurts so bad.Its 4 months today since i miscarried and lost my triplets and it still hurts.Not a day passes and i don't think of my angels.I miss them so much.I will pray for u ... if u need a friend i'm here for u.

I lost my baby at 11 weeks back on august 11th 2012. I still think of that baby every day, what could have been. Its the worst broken heart i have ever experienced. Im sorry for your loss, I pray for comfort and healing. It will get easier i promise. Dont let anyone tell u how u should feel or when u need to stop feeling you take your time.