I'm sick of researching this online I never get any answers. I missed my period last month and I'm supposed to have it now but it's a day late. My period has been extremely regular for at least 3 years, so this is really weird. Last month I took a couple pregnancy tests after I missed my period and they were negative.
If I'm not pregnant, what is wrong with my body?? I haven't been under any more stress than usual.. Please help, this is freaking me out .
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I also missed my past two! I'm definitely not pregnant. I've never had sex. I'm 17 and I've never missed periods. Any ideas on what to do? I'm a little scared and nervous. Should I see a doctor?

After 2 months I would suggest seeing a doctor

Should I go see my general doctor and take it from there?

General doctor first unless you can see a gynae.

I was at my general doctor a little over a month ago and she knew that I missed one. But now my second is late. And another question, if you don't know it's totally fine. What age should I start going to the gyno?

Some women never need a gym I until they are planning family and children. I would recommend going sooner than later. It is always good to have a 6 month cancer check because if you catch cancer very early recovery outlook is very good. If you were my daughter or wife I would want you to begin now especially with the missed periods. Ok? Hope that helps.

Gym should read gynae

My problem is I'm too scared to say anything or go. I definitely don't want anyone looking there.

Don't worry, You are not alone there are millions of women who feel the same. Solution: find a female doctor or gyno, even if you ask your local doctor for a referral. Remember when you have a baby you will have the whole world looking below your mind will be on other thing and you won't care. What you have below is understandably precious and personal to but to a doctor, they have seen it all before. Do you know that Asian women call it their precious flower. I think it is a beautiful love flower. Hope that helps.

The other point is how would you feel if you had advanced cancer below too late for a cure and you knew that if you visited a gynae earlier you would have been saved.

My thing is I've already had a brain tumor so I'm hoping to god that nothing else has happened anywhere else. I really don't think that I would be able to take another traumatic event such as that.

Oh I am so sorry to hear of the tumour. I still say with any cancer early discovery has the bast chance of recovery. Rather be brave and bold and have regular checks. In you case I would say this is even more important. But please don't fear that because your period is delayed and you had a brain tumour that you have cancer there. There is no proven correlation. Baby girl, please can I ask you to get a check as a personal favour for me. Please don't fear. It is not uncommon for a period to stop for more than 2 months, ok?

I think I just started my period! I missed two months worth though.

Should I still go to doctor?

I think it would be wise.

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Any news???

Have you had your period yet? Sometimes they can be days late. The tests at the chemist are reputed to be excellent. Can't remember the name"blue" something or other. Hope that helps. Take care.

Have you seen your Gynecologist? They are the ones with the answers hon.

Well, if it was early on in the pregnancy, the hormones don't always show up right away. I suggest another test... and make sure you take it first thing in the morning.