The Biggest Blunders, Mistakes And Regrets A Man Can Make.

Well there is nothing really important about me. I am still very young at fourteen years of age and the biggest regrets in my life is of course all the things that could have been that flew pass me like a flying saucer. Well lets start out with number one on my list. My very first "true" love. She was a really pretty gal, long flowing blonde hair and eyes that twinkled in the moonlight. Way out of my league though! I missed out on so many opportunities with her I could practically write down a whole list of all the things I could have done. But lets start with this....My parents have pratically been controlling my whole life and making stupid decisions for me maybe thats one reason why I miss out on so much. In fact they never let me go over to any of my friend's houses, they don't want me to be getting "bad habits", well I'm getting a curse from having no social right now so would it really be that harmful if I started developing bad habits? Anyway continuing with the subject of the love of my life, um maybe I should tell you her name before I go on. Her name's Elizabeth but I guess you can just call her Beth. Recently my school had a touch of class day where everybody dresses up in their nicest clothes. After school some people decided to go out to a nice place and have dinner there. I was invited but didn't go, foolishly enough Beth went. Yup Beth and I were in the same class in previous years, this year however she and I were placed in different classes so we don't get to talk as much anymore. The best thing I can do is go on facebook or msn or anything internet related and talk to her there. That unfortunately was kind of my plans that night, yeah I know it's really sad isn't it how the only way I can talk to her is over the internet when I could just go up to her during school and have a little small talk there. But that's just me; the guy who just misses out on everything. 

I remember it was Valentine's Day and my school had a little dance. The day before Beth and I were talking over msn as usual and just chatting how the dance will be like. She said that I should go and promised that she would dance with me if I did. Surely enough I said yes. The next day however she didn't talk to me at all, over the course of the day I started to think maybe she forgot all about it. Thoughts came into my head and then I decided not to go. Now the dance was held right after school at 2:50 so I just went home with my close mates and we played a few videogames, what a day to spend Valentine's Day eh? They left at around 4:00 so as I got onto my computer and saw that Beth was online. She wasn't too happy with me nope not at all in fact she was quite upset telling me that she didn't dance with anybody and was mad at me for not coming when I said I would. Ironic isn't it? When I think she forgets she completely remembers the whole thing, another great opportunity that came and passed.

The biggest regret in my life is probably not going to this Europe trip that all of my friends are going to. Its a little trip to London, Rome and Paris which is partially being paid by the school over the course of spring break. Yup I'm going to be all lonely during Spring Break while all of my friends will be having the time of their lives. The worst part about it is Beth is going. While shes there hooking up with English, French and Itailian boys I'm gonna be stuck at home thinking about her. Not a fair trade but that's my fault. Well this is just the start of my missing out on things habits in my life, in a few more months I'm going to graduating from Middle School and I'm probably not gonig to graduation either. Y'know why? Well I miss out on too many great things in my life already why stop now?

JesusHamSandwhiches JesusHamSandwhiches
13-15, M
Feb 20, 2010