Living In Reverse A Poem For My Angel Niece

Living in reverse

I saw you; your face was so clear
You looked at me and said aunt bug wipe your tears
I did as you asked and dried my eyes
I heard your sweet voice singing lullabies

It was reverse; you were comforting me
You told me to close my eyes and go back to sleep
I did as you said you and drifted into dreams
I didnt expect you to be playing with me in the streams

I wondered out loud why did you leave so young
You couldn't tell me why, but you said heaven was fun
I tried to hold you close but you slipped through my arms
Your protectors came to take you away but you said no she means me no harm

I got to stay and chase you through the clouds
I got to stay and hear you laugh and giggle loud
When I woke my eyes were dry but my heart still hurt
I cant think of you buried and beneath the dirt

When I'm awake I wish that I am elsewhere
That this whole month has been a nightmare
But when I sleep
I do not weep

I dance with you among the starsĀ 
We stop and watch the cars
I get to see you live and breath
But always wondering why you had to leave

When I sleep I wish to freeze you that way
I know that when I wake you can not stay
I'm living in my dreams, living in reverse
Because without you life feels cursed
Kaitykay93 Kaitykay93
18-21, F
May 22, 2012