Our Grandson

My wife and daughter were walking to our truck with Tanner. H was just two years old. When they got close to the truck he broke away and wanted to be the first one there. He took just a few steps and was ran over by a dumptruck and crushed. It happened right in front of my wife and daughter. When they measured it he was less than 30 inches from the back of our truck.
He died quickly and nothing could be done for him.
That was the worst day of my life . Since then there have been a few that were even worse.
My wife woke up screaming every night for the next year. All I could do was hold her and tell her "I know". Every morning I would make coffee and sit on the porch by myself and cry.
I was the one that woke him up in the morning, kept him all day and put him to bed at night.
We played and we laughed and i adored him. I dont have the words to say how much the little guy meant to me.I miss him so much it does actually hurt. We will never be the same.
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56-60, M
Dec 12, 2012