My Rock

I'm dealing with a lot right now.

My work has been draining me.  Pulling me in too many directions.  Keeping me from focusing on what is most important.  Making me feel like I really don't know what I'm doing....

Then you call me. You ask me how I am, and want a genuine answer, not the standard, "I'm fine."  I vent, and rant.  You listen and offer assurances that I am really not incompetent.  You make me laugh.  I need to laugh.  Laughter makes the insecurities fade away, if only for a moment.

I know you'll be home tonight, but still.  I miss you.
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8 Responses Oct 20, 2012

I'm glad my job doesnt stress me out but it does stress my wife out... it must be hard living with a guy you only spend evenings and afternoons with...

well we could be together more often but see I sleep at day, she at night... we are on two entirely different frames of day....

I wish some one would call me and make me laugh.
Work does take a lot of our time and energy. I once had a manager who used always tell me before I went home to give her all the office matters I had in my mind...

Beautiful! I know that you know you are blessed.

Sorry to hear your work has been so draining ...I know the feeling, it sucks big time. But you're soooo lucky to have such a man by your side! And he can even make you laugh, that's more than enough! :)

When I saw the group, was hoping it was for me... but the title can't be the faerie... hahaha. Making you laugh... even if it wasn't me... even when your avi is scary... even whenever and whatever happens...

I know, sweets. Probably because faerie missed ya and well, I didn't know what was going on until I've asked you. We were both crazy busy. But this is nice... to let it out. Writing about anything does help.

And I really believe the Bird misses faerie and only a 'chicken' to actually admit writing about it. x p

Oh wow! How many feathers were plucked out today and have you come bare to faerie?

Uhmmm... *glues feathers back*

*pours more glue!!!*
You know that scene from Home Alone where Harry (Joe Pesci) got covered with feathers from the fan? I laugh every single time I watch that. With tears even!
Kinda like you now... *turns fan on*

This is sooo much funnn...!!!

Let's change that phrase, BirdyMan. I do that a lot, y'know... aim to please... not a good thing to possess. *shakes faeriehead*
We aim to serve others in their best interests... how's that?

Bahaha! *whack*
I don't mean to ignore ourselves. Serving others only come after the 'me' part is ready.

Ya sure about that?
I'm sooo bad I'm making you doubt you... hahaha... *whack*

Of course she'll be pleased! She likes to be hijacked. ;P

Well this is an abundant supply already right here!

Somehow made me think of cows... *whack*

You said fodder! *whack* They're also feeds. *whack*

You have no friggin idea! The land of the prairies... see faerie run around like Laura from Little House on the Prairie... grrr...

Often times! Remember my blog pics?

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Wonderful. So nice to read of a strong, supportive relationship. You are blessed.

Nice to have someone like that...

aaaahhhh so sweet