Holidays Blow

So today is Thanksgiving and you hate food. You don't need to eat today, because yesterday you weighed 114. That's disgusting. No food for you today. You don't even wanna see your family today, because remember, you hate everything. The thing that sucks with you, is you're not strong enough to leave him, and you don't tell anyone anything anymore, so you've got yourself. Well kinda. You don't really have yourself either.

You fell asleep all sad last night. Worst feeling, but at least you fell asleep, because you're not good at falling asleep. He's always on your stupid mind. See how you talk about yourself? You're pathetic. He means a lot to you, right? Even though you realize he isn't really there for. You're trying not to cry, and hope it's gonna work out, but guess what kid? It's not.

It's the worst feeling ever. Knowing you didn't even get a chance. He doesn't even the decency to text you back, and say Happy Thanksgiving. You're giving him a chance, but he doesn't want it. Don't you get it? He doesn't want you, because he knows he could, but he isn't going after you. Oh wait, you do get it, but you're too stupid to just leave him alone.

How does it feel hate yourself too? Remember when you used to be like this? It's horrible kid. You probably won't stay strong for much longer. Who knows what you'll do, because you've done the stupidest things. But this is karma you *****. So stop complaining, because you deserve this, obviously.
SheWillBeLoved1234 SheWillBeLoved1234
13-15, F
Nov 23, 2012