& The Worst Part Is I Still Miss You

& The Worst Part Is That I Still Miss You

"I still remember our first conversation." That reminds her of him, because it's true. She does remember their first conversation. She met him at a fair, and fell for him from the start. His name is -----. He's perfect to her. This is her story of how she fell for some guy she barely knew at the time.

I saw him and I figured he was perfect. I asked my friends about him, and everything I heard was good... Well we got home, and I added him on Facebook. The next day we talked. I remember our first conversation, without looking at it. I told him that I saw him at the fair the night before and he said "Oh really? Lucky you(;" Our conversation didn't go on for long, but I instantly got his number. We texted, and three days later, on a Wednesday, we met at the park. I even remember what he was wearing; a white Aeropostale shirt, shorts, and some Nikes. We talked, and talked, and talked. I really fell for him. Yeah we barely knew each other, but I honestly fell for him.

So we talked for awhile, and I really liked him, but then I got that text the no one ever wants; "Hey, can we talk." The funny thing is that I had just been talking about that with Brianna a few minutes before I got the text. He'd explained to me that there had been a girl he liked for a long time, and he never thought she'd like him, but he found out she did. I felt the sickest I had ever felt inside. My heart broke. I tried to act like I didn't care, but I'm the worst at that. He tried to make me feel better by telling me I could find someone better, and that I was beautiful, but I didn't want anyone else. I chose to be done with guys. We were distant for the longest time. We talked maybe three times after that, but it wasn't much.

A little while after that, ----- came to Whitehall with me, and we went to the football game so she could see -----, (a different one) which unfortunately didn't go well... Anyways while we were watching the game, ----- (the perfect one) came up and talked to me. I didn't even recognize him, or remember he had even existed, even though I had seem him less than a month before. I was so happy to see him. We talked and he told me about how that girl he seemed to like, had a boyfriend all along. He got played. Yeah, guess that's what happens... Anyways in other words, I guess he wanted to start "talking to me again." And so he did... (Oh yeah, and I got a hug from him*)

We talked, and he knew I liked him. Actually, everyone in the town of Whitehall did, after the word got out. He actually said he liked me too, and not just kinda, but actually like. Everyone knew we had "a thing." We hung out about a month after that, at a football game, and we hung out the whole time, and it was actually their homecoming. (Btw, he was gonna ask me to homecoming, if only I were a Freshman3) We never left each others side. It was perfect. ------ was there with me, and she took like three pictures of us. (In which one he put his arm around me. I died.) It sucked when he had to leave, but I got three super long hugs, so I guess it was maybe okay. The next day I talked to him on the phone, but not for very long. And that was that....

After that, we actually didn't talk as much...He actually ignored me a lot, but the next game I went to, I saw him, we talked for like 15 minutes, and his friends carried him away. He didn't seem to care that I didn't get a hug, but whatever. We kept just drifting away I guess, and barely talked. I talked to his sister, -----, that I met over summer, before I even knew ----- existed, and she had a brother. Anyways, I guess he had been hanging out with his friends a lot more, and had been playing XBox a lot. He told me he lost his iPod at a party, so I guess that's why he wasn't talking to me...

Now, it's November, and we talk sometimes. Barely actually, and I hate it. It's been over a month since I've seen him, because every weekend we're supposed to hang out, he ignores me. I really miss him, and I tell him every time we talk. He says he misses me, but not enough to make an effort to see me. He didn't even see me for my birthday. He knows that was the one thing I really wanted. But who cares? Oh wait, I do...

I asked him if he liked me, he said yeah. All he doesn't want is a relationship. Slap in the face right there. Whatever though. I guess I'm only chasing someone who's running away. I'm really wasting my time, and I don't know how to stop. Oh yeah and the worst part is that I still miss you.
SheWillBeLoved1234 SheWillBeLoved1234
13-15, F
Nov 23, 2012