Let Me Be...

Let me be the wind

that touches your face as a kiss

Let me be the breeze,

that goes through your hair as fingers

Let me be the sun

that heats you as a burning desire

Let me be the moon

that shines your soul as a passion

Let me be the feeling,

that warms your heart as love

Let me be anything

that makes you know…

I missed you today!


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17 Responses Jan 23, 2010

yes time to talk to me again!

Letting you....always....:-). Beautiful story Princess.

missing me huh?

Mesmerizing..Beautiful Moon,diamond..unite spirits.. eternal joy! endless light..passions of the soul...released..X

i am missing someone like crazy today, wonder if hes missing me.

i love it, its very beautiful :)<br />

You can read my mind. Except he's not here and won't be here for my birthday. -sighs.

Wonderful poem :-)<br />
<br />
Lucky is the one who is loved by you.<br />
<br />
Best wishes from me :-)

your words are so wonderful, i can't even imagine how incredible it would be to hear them whispered in my ear, your head on my shoulder. so tender .<br />
<br />
your lover is soooo blessed

oh yes please do be :-)

I have that feeling in my heart for my husband. You read my heart.

Our Ep princess with poems of love strikes again!!

i love this pome

Beautiful! XOXO


:(<br />
<br />
<br />