I Miss My Mom

My mom was the best she cooked for us every morning never allowing me and my brothers to go hungry at school even though it meant she had to use her money, when it comes to my father well its sort of a sore spot my dad use to beat us because he would get drunk at the local bar and come just to beat the crap out of us thats when my mom would either intervene and stop him which led her to be beaten by my dad but she never left i always wondered why  she didnt leave his *** but now i really miss her when i turned 18 she had a stroke while living with my father he mellowed out because he had cirosis of the liver but the way that SOB told me i can never really get over it a phone call and i never got to see her body now i realize why people say they miss there mom and i can Truly say i miss my mom **** it miss my mommy
Arios626 Arios626
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

When your mom dies, you have lost the one person who loved you most, more than anyone else ever can. Try to cherish that love.