Worst Day Ever!

Well.. I dont know where to start..I lost my uncle 1 year ago.. he had a tumor in his head..i visited him 1 time in hospital in his hard time.. my mother told me that he always asked about me..when i will finally visite him again.My mother always told him i have to do my homework or something like this..I just was not strong enough to see him like this.. than 1 day before we wanted to go to holidays,he died.
I was not able to say goodbye.I was just afraid..that day destroied my whole life.
I miss him so much and i wish i could turn back the time and visit him as often as i can.I made a big mistake..i hate myself for doing that!
I'm not even strong enough to go to the cemetery and talk to him or just stand infront of his grave.My best friend told me she would go with me but i can't do this..i am just craven :/
He was my everything,he always supported me and made me smile.
And now he gone :/ forever :(
Thats just not fair! :(
LenaLovesZinou LenaLovesZinou
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013