Missing My Soldier...

Chris has re-enlisted in the army and is now in basic training in Fort Benning, Ga. I miss him soo much! Our communication is very limited & its very hard not having him here, or at least being able to hear his voice. I've only recieved one call so far letting me know that he got there ok & that that he missed me very much. The conversation was very short but very sweet, & Id give anything to have another call from him. I have yet to recieve a letter, but when I spoke to him a week ago he said he had already sent 2 out.  I wake up every morning and rush to the mailbox to find nothing from him & it really gets to me. Hopefully Ill be recieving something soon. I miss having him home & going to sleep with him at night. I cant wait until I get to see his face again. The time seems to be passing soo slow...minutes seem like hours & days feel like years. I know things could be a lot worse off but Im new to this situation and me being pregnant & emotional isnt helping any. When we would lay down to go to bed he would always put his hand on my stomach and fall asleep like that....its things like this that i miss the most. 

Missingmysoldier514 Missingmysoldier514
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1 Response Jan 27, 2008

hey! i am totally with you there. i miss things like that too! were you with him while he was in the army the first time?