Unexpected But True Love

Ryan and I met each-other in 3rd grade. He was in 5th..I had a huge crush on him, well for him he didn't give me the me of day... He was always nice however it wasn't the same feeling i had for him...a few years and a growth spurt later, I received a message on FB......IT was only suppose to be friendship but i mean sometimes things happen for a reason.... It was over from there... I love him so much and i had gotten so scared when he told me that he was joining the Army... BUT i knew that i could make it.. When he left in Oct. 2012 for Ft. Jackson it had to be the absolute saddest day of my life..i cried so hard...and his kisses an hugs didn't help the pain...BUT he told me that he will be back... I write my baby daily and am so ready for Jan 31(his graduation) !!!! Until then we write each-other at least twice a week...three times on a good day... i receive two letters at a time <3 I love and miss my soldier so much.. but he is going to make a better life fr US.. until then my love I'm going to rock your Dog Tags baby boy :)

YOUR baby
OverstreetsLOVE OverstreetsLOVE
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012