My Boyfriend Has Been Gone For 18 Days

It seems like he has been gone longer, then I look at my Countdown on my phone. Only a week and 4 days.
I really miss him.
It seems worse than Basic. Maybe it's because now we can actually text and make phones calls, but it makes me feel lonelier.
I wake up at about 4 when he texts saying Goodmoring, maybe a little conversation, PT, mayba a little conversation afterwards, then he goes to class and I don't talk to him till about 7, and that's about off & on-ish till about 10.
I wait my whole day just to see how he is and what happened and how he did on any tests he had. Which thus far he has done very well.

I've never really been a big motivational person to do any school work I had. I mean, I do it and get it done.
But it's starting in on the second week of this semester of college. I've been really bummed out and sad and I just really don't want to do my work.
I have Calculus homework that I don't even want to look at! History that I want to read just because. Biology questions in our work book. I should probably also read some Biology stuff from our book.

But I really don't want to do anything but just sit and watch mind numbing tv or sleep or just something that gets my mind off everything.

Last night he texted me a few messages then went to sleep because he had a crazy day. I felt really lonely and sad. went to bed not long after and didn't get up this morning till I absoultely had to for work.
I really just want it to be that point where I get to see him again.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

same here, I call and say I love you and miss you.. and try not to tell him anything I wrote him cause those are like "surprises" so kinda glad its a 5-10 min convo, gives me JUST enough time to tell him how I feel and that I miss him!

I feel like I am in your same situation. My Marine has been gone for 19 days but it feels like so much longer. I miss him so much more this time around even though we get to talk nearly everyday. I hope the best for you and hope that you stay strong as times get tough!!

19 days now. On the bright side, as that number goes up, the other number for seeing him again goes down!
I love getting to talk to him, but i feel like we sort of have nothing to talk about because we just run out of stuff. When we are together we never run out of things. But just texting off and on when we can.. the conversation is dead. But it's always nice that I can and know that he is ok.
:) I wish the best for you also!

The same for me. Sometimes I randomly just get sad because it feels like our coversations go nowhere at all so you aren't the only one there!