Missing My Airman

I am a United States Air Force girlfriend. My airman and I have only been dating for about 10 months now but we are already planning to get married one day (hopefully in the not too distant future). I'm only 18 so most people think that I'm crazy and that I can't possibly know what true love is at such a young age. They are definately wrong. I KNOW that he is the one for me and that nothing could make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with him. He's been gone for about 6 months now. Boot camp was definately tough. I was a complete wreck when he left. There is nothing in the world that I find more painful than goodbyes (especially when it's someone I love). The lack of communication definately added some extra stress in our relationship in the beginning. Quite a bit of time went by before he was finally allowed to contact me. It was just my luck that when he finally got his first phone call my cell was dead. I cried for so long when I was finally able to listen to the voicemail. It was such a bad connection that I couldn't even hear his address that he had to quickly relay to me. I was crushed. My phone had not left my sight at all since he left and I still wasn't fortunate enough to get to talk to him. He sounded so hurt that I didn't answer his call and I still had no way of contacting him because I still didn't have his address. I began to write letters anyways to get my thoughts down on paper. Finally I started receiving letters from him. I got a huge pile all at once. His TI hadn't allowed them to send any letters out yet and they really weren't allowed to write any letters either. Somehow my man found a way to write many letters after lights out without getting caught. His first letters were quite depressing. He was concerned because it had been several weeks since he had left me his address and yet he still hadn't received a single letter although most of the guys had. The stress of BMT had him worried that I had moved on and that I just didn't care anymore. This was so far from the truth and it tore me up inside to know that he honestly thought this. It was painful for me to read about how alone he felt. You have no idea how happy my man was once we finally cleared up the confusion. My man graduated from BMT in October and was sent directly to Keesler AFB in Mississippi. It was hard because he was even farther away from me and I still hadn't seen him since he left. It did however become much easier in other aspects. He was able to call every day or two once his homework was finished. My man completed tech school in Keesler and was then sent to complete several more classes at Shepard AFB. It has been much harder because he goes to class from 11 at night to 7 in the morning which means that when he's awake, I'm either asleep or in school. We still manage to find the time to talk though and we've become even closer than we were when he left. He was able to come home for Christmas exodus. He stayed with me for about 10 days. It was so nice to see him. He expressed how greatful he was for everything that I had done for him. I had never been so happy as I was the moment I saw his smiling face running towards me in the airport with open arms. I was afraid that the time would make things awkward and that we wouldn't be able to just pick up where we had left off. I was completely wrong. It felt as though we had never been apart. If anything, we were even closer than we were before he left. It was definately hard to say goodbye again when it was time for him to leave. However, each goodbye means that there will be yet another time that I will be filled with happiness when he returns home to me. Whenever I miss him, I realize that I'm such a lucky girl to have someone so amazing to miss. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. I believe it firsthand. His first tour of duty will begin in the spring. He is going to be stationed in California. I'm so excited because I will be able to afford to go to college  there so that we can see each other on a regular basis. I can't wait to be by his side once again. This has been a tough experience but I have gained so much from it and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love him with all my heart and will stay strong for him however long it takes. I know that he is the one for me and I will always be here for him. He's my everything! I miss him so much


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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thanx so much babe :) You're sweet. I wish you the best 2!

aww that's sweet. Well i hope everything works out for you to hun!