Mistress/wife worship

My wife and i have been living a Mistress/slave lifestyle for just over five years.
i wish i could say it was her idea but it was mine. As i approached fifty i decided it was time for me to "come out of the closet" so to speak and disclose my desire to be dominated by her.
She has done her best over these last five years to accommodate my desires. Though she has not as yet embraced the lifestyle as i had hoped, she has gotten very comfortable with me doing all the housework, laundry, shopping, errand running etc. not to mention pampering her 24/7. She no longer bothers to put away any of her dirty dishes or clothing that she's worn; she just drops them where she is when she's done with them and i take care of them. Her bed is off limits to me, (except to turn the covers down for her at night and make it up when I return from work) as is her bathroom. (again except for cleaning and restocking purposes, re-pointing her toilet tissue, flushing her toilet, etc. ). i am allowed to sleep on the floor in her walk in closet, so that i can more quickly attend to any night time needs she may have. i wear an electric dog collar around my penis and testicles whenever i'm in her presence that she holds the remote to. Whenever she wants anything she sends a vibration warning. If i'm too slow to appear for my orders or she wants to discipline or punish me, she has 7 levels of shock that she chooses from to deliver my "training"; at night it's usually more water, her light turned on/off or to be tucked in again. Occasionally it will be to lick her to a calming ****** that will relax her and help her fall back asleep.
As for my own ******* they are VERY far and few between, and usually of the, "ruined" variety. The longest i have been denied an ****** is five months, though usually it is about two or three.
i wore a CB6000 for about 7 months which i pleaded for to help me with the psychological and emotional effort of not touching myself sexually in any way simply because i didn't have her permission, but she didn't like it and made me get rid of it.
The biggest issue we are having now is that she wants to be f-----, but it would result in an ****** for me.
i have lightly broached the subject of her cuckolding me but she got pissed. She also isn't interested in having me wear a strap-on to please her.
What I came up with was a sort of sex game. It goes like this:

She lays sideways on her bed to allow me access to eager *****. (remember I'm not allowed on her bed). i stand and enter her just far enough so that the head of my penis is inside. She proceeds to use her vibrator on her **** until she just begins to *** , then she orders me to f--- her. i slam her hard and fast for as long as i can, withdrawing moments before having my own ******.
Here's what makes it a game;
She likes to be f----- for awhile, she decided on 100 strokes. If i am able to give her that many and it doesn't end in my own ****** then i am off the hook. If she **** and stops me before the hundred then i am off the hook again. However, if i don't make it to 100 AND she hasn't ***, then i am beaten one paddle stroke for every thrust i fell short of the required hundred. Also, no matter what else happens, if i *** then i must "clean up" my mess (by consuming it) receive a full 100 paddle strokes, and have to sleep on the floor in the garage for a week.

She says that this coming Sunday we will try it. i will post a follow up on how it went.

Anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks
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This is not right. The correct and beautiful is only mutual worship:


Man worship woman as earthly goddess. And woman worship man as earthly god.