Everything I Wanted Except He's Married

I met this man on my job over a year ago. I was not involved in a realtionship, but I was still waiting and praying for Mr. Right. Then he comes along, go figure. We worked very close together, and had good chemistry. There wasn't an instant attraction, for goodness sake he is married!! But somewhere, something happened. I noticed something a spark happened and boy did it happen. We continued to become friends, he expressed interest and I went back and forth with the idea of the relationship for weeks....HE IS MARRIED!!! Eventually, I gave in!!! For 15 months we have been involved. I love this man, he is everything I have every wanted in a man, except he's married!!! He loves me too.. He never fails to tell me or show me how much, in his own way. He tries to please me and make me happy considering the circumstances, but I still give him hell. Though I may be the other woman, I am a demanding one, who wants her time. My motto" If you want to the role of my boyfriend, then play the part". He makes every effort to spend time with me, but I seem to never be satisfied, because I want more..I want all of him. It gets so frustrating at time!!! But, I am still not ready to get out. I enjoy being with him, I love the way he makes me feel when we are together and even when we aren't. We have taking vacations, spent a holiday together, he tries to give me time on those holidays that we haven't traveled, we have been out in public, heck we only live about 10minutes from one another. He is even willing to have a baby with me. This man loves me!!! I give him so much drama sometimes, but he stills continue to love me, and support me. What married man does that? I might nag just as much as the wife, but he still sticks around. Other married men would probably say," I can go through this crap at home, I'm done", but oh not him!!! He says, "I love you, more than you know, You mean more to me, more than you know"!! What does that mean? If he loves me this much, why not be with me? I know why because he has a family, and I am his mistress. I don't know how I got... I do have good morals, I know the importance of marriage, but this just happened. I didn't chase after this man, he pursued me. I tell few people about our situation, because people judge so much.. and yeah "it's always the other woman's fault".. But I really love this man, he has treated me better than any of single ex-boyfriends and has been my best boyfriend so far. I don't know what that says about my ex's..lol, but being with him feels so good. Maybe our timing is off, but we were made for each other in some liftetime. Well this is my story, well some of it. There will be more to come. I just need to hear how others cope with this time thing, because I want more of it!!!

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same situation that i am in. I am now confused if I should just leave him or no, I hate the fact that people would judge.

I am in the very same situation

I find the time thing extremely difficult to handle and try as I might I can't ignore it. I try to rationalize every minute we can't be together. It does help that he has a child that obvious needs his time more than I do. I guess how I have been making it through is hope and faith that we will beat the odds and my heart has found the right match.

I hate the situation I am in! I was hoping we could spend the afternoon together and he had to go home to his wife and five kids.I CANT DEAL!

I am going thru d same thing right this moment. My MM has become everything to me in the last 12 months. He's been ill for sometime now and we have not been able to see because of his wife. It's killing me. This is a tough life and I am almost tempted to break up with him and remain a single.

I so understand what you mean when you say that this is your soulmate!! I myself met my MM about 4 months ago and he is Mr Right and he feels the same way.. I also don't get as much time as I would like to see him and just be in his presence . It's very hard and I myself just can't believe that I would end up in a situation as this . When I found out he was married I was so hurt because I new in my heart I could never have him. When he told me I told him that I could no longer be with him and he almost died and stated to me " you can't leave me please I need you so much " that broke me down in a million pieces and I put aside all my morals and stayed with him and as of today I still battle with myself about the guilt I feel and how I only get a piece of him and I know this is all I will get. You really need to think about what is the best thing for you in your life besides him. I myself have been thinking deeply on how to get out of this situation myself before I invest to much time in a man that is never going to be 100% mine.

Well now we are having a baby. So we will see.

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You said you've been with him for 15 months. I remember 15 months into my relationship with my married boyfriend, I felt a lot like you do, I was loving being with him, but wasn't satisfied with the time we spent together. I wanted all of him not the leftovers, I wanted to be the most important thing in his life instead of being fitted in around everything else. I tried to push my feelings to the back of my mind so I could carry on enjoying the time we spent together. I tried to convince myself that a part time relationship suited me cos it gave me lots of time with my friends. I tried to pretend that I wasn't jealous of him being married to someone else. I even tried to pretend to myself that he was just working away when he wasn't with me so that I didn't have to think about him going home. As time passed it became harder to shut out my feelings. The longer I was with him the more the situation hurt me. We have been together for 4 years and I have never felt so much pain before in my life. I didn't even hurt this much when my Dad died. I went from being a normal person to being a crying, screaming, hysterical mess, begging him to leave his wife and be with me. Unless you are one of the lucky few and your married partner leaves his wife, then you are heading very fast down the road to a badly broken heart. If you want some sensible advice, you should get out of the relationship but everyone I know said that to me and I didn't listen.

You're not going to get more time then you already are. As mistresses, we get the crumbs!