There Are Things A Mistress, To See And Know

Whether you’re married, single, happy or sad…just remember play it cool, things get moved around from head to toe wherever we go, life is the same, and it’s quite profound.

There are different reasons for many to be in this role as his mistress and for each, its knowing our own reasons ‘WHY’. Then we stand the chance to survive, on this platform while holding onto ourselves.

We go to school to learn from our teachers, and take it they already know what we want to know. And here our first battle began that calls for adjustment and change. We had to adjust for our teachers and friends and calls for change…
I had to take a moment moulding over this concept, knowing how difficult it is for one iota about us to change.

For whatever we are holding, be it our attitudes, our beliefs, our negative emotions, our imaginary pictures we carry of ourselves, they’re what we know and serves their different purposes in our lives.

To change has to come from us consciously knowing our own reasons ‘why’, we need to change. Otherwise things remain and continue in their mechanical forms in ourselves, life, and existence.
Bear in mind no one entered the world empty to us, our five senses with their past and present memories of themselves.

I’ve left out eternity that’s opened to us the same. Where our body serves and plays a small role on this level, not like in our physical world where things are reversed.

Things get turned around in time in our own lives, and find our past is no more than a hand flick away, those points and chapters to ourselves from the very beginning serves as markers we take with us, wherever we go.

It is enlightening and revealing tracing back to those places knowingly, where our footsteps had began from childhood days. What was it that made us laugh, made us cry or made us to run a mile…our past contains many treasures waiting to be acclaimed.

I came to discover in order to know where we are going, we need to know where things has started, for us to truly moves on…some things serves as stumbling block and manifest in the dark through our actions and there’s hardly a reason for saying, we are not going to accept we are blind to them, and can always find justification for our action.

Yet, there’s one lesson from the past we have learnt, things doesn’t happen the way we had expected or wanting them to be…and so continues to demand from us adjustment and change…when there’s no point blaming things on life or others.

The mistress role is a part to creation’s hand based on three forces, three elements, three principles and three laws. This allows for ‘the mistress’, role to be.

My aim as his mistress for the past four decades is, in assisting you to verify and discover for yourself the truth in relation to this role that’s laying there, and outside of imagination…and verify to different roles our love plays in our lives.

There’s an art to love…the mistress way. Where there’s no need to fall in love…yet all the reasons to love.

My intentions are for you to free yourself from those thoughts and feelings of sin, guilt, fear, anxiety and emotional pain.
Like a sponge we’ve sacrifice ourselves to those emotions, yet hoping for things in our lives to be otherwise.

There are many things to see, know and understand about ourselves…and finding understandings of why things happens in our lives the way they do, knows that this doesn’t happens only through one part to our being when there are three aspects to our being for us to see, know and utilized.

There’s a higher and a lower…a inner, and a outer these opposites are there for their own reasons…and unless we know will not be able to pass, or surpassed and this has brought me to this point to say…To Know Is To Know…and we pay whether or not we know.

What is there to beat our experiences though some we get after the facts; however they come to save us from disaster.
They come and through them we learn about ourselves and what life’s about.

Yours always,
Mistress Maven.
missmavenasst missmavenasst
May 24, 2012