Started Mixing Up Words

hi, I'm late thirties, not young but not that old...and yet I've started mixing up my words for the first time in my life, a cpl of months now.... really ******* me off...I was very eloquent and have done both teaching and public speaking...I think it may be mobile phone radiation...or lack of oxygen to the brain from blocked nose, poor sleep quality maybe through apnea...not sure though...any ideas??? J

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hiya, I'm 47 now and having reduced stress and made certain I get loads of sleep I am fine again... not mixing up words... diet probably helps... but GOOD quality sleep is the key...

I am 29 and this has started a few months ago and is only getting worse. I cannot have a decent conversation with anyone without mixing my words, even if i speak slow. I can however type and write without hassle at all.

By the time we're in our mid forties, we already start losing cognitive abilities at a regular, steady rate. And, of course, it will vary from person to person. Environmental factors are definitely a key thing. Any kind of drug use is a contributing factor....and don't forget that alcohol is a drug. Lack of sleep is a huge factor in memory function. Put any of these things together in any way, and they add up. <br />
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Maybe make a list of things that apply to you, and try to change them as much as you can. Lacking in proper sleep?? Try to get more. etc.,....<br />
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And don't forget that food can play an important role, too. Is it possible that you're lacking in an important vitamin, or mineral? Vitamin D, and the B vitamins are pretty much vital to proper brain function. <br />
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But, most of all, I would urge you to see a doctor if this continues, or if it gets worse. ESPECIALLY if it gets worse.

hi, thanks. yes I'm much better, as I'm 46 is definitely to do with sleep, now I'm sleeping more I don't mix my words up. ta