Wanna Be A Babrie Girl?

as a child i played with my barbies
i played with them every day

i was upset when i became too old to play with them therefore i wanted to be a barbie girl
in my blog i will be explainning hints and tips on how to be a barbie
shall i explain about me and what makes me a barbie and then i'll explain how i do them
-i have a phone case that is pink and says barbie all over it, i love it!!!
-then i have my barbie nails
-i have long hair that isnt fake
-in keep fit
-i take pride in my apperance
in my blog i will explain how i am and how to be like me
like if you find it helpful at all
thanks for reading hunni xxxxxx
barbieeeeee barbieeeeee
18-21, F
Sep 8, 2012