How Far Removed From Reality Are You?

You know what happens now right?

I told you not to push it but you are to fvcking stupid. You do not scare me in the slightest havent I made that clear by my actions to date?

Oh thats right you live in a yellow submarine.

Heres what happens now I start harrasing your mate again. I dont give a fvck what you do or don't know you retaliate in any way I will harrass that cvnt until he has to sell his house and move. I havent even used the good stuff yet

You consider what about to happen as a lesson for going to far for thinking youre playing a game. I know what youre capable of and you know what I'm capable of that puts you at a serious disadvantge

You live and breathe behaving like freaks and come up with these elaborate schemes "to mess with people and control their lives" on the converse I live for real conflict I love it

am I being clear there is nothing you can do to stop me where it goes from here is up to you

Go fvck your self half bright nob end and continue to hide behind other people youre good at that. Also try and stay away from the 12 year old boys.

How stupid are you all I see weakness everyone else does now to

I'm getting sick of having to waste small amounts of my time on you idiots

I'm making this post so you can be sure to say youre welcome Luis yes its all my fault for thinking he sees us as a legitimate threat hilarious
LuisT LuisT
Sep 24, 2012