The Application Of Crusher In The Chemical Engineering

aterials in chemical industry are generally with special characters, some are flammable and explosive, some
are with viscidity, some are corrosive, some are adamant, etc. Nowadays, with the continuous development and updating of the crushing equipment in our country, the developed crusher can meet the needs of different users and it has been widely used in cement, chemicals, power, metallurgical and other industrial sectors, the crusher is suitable for crushing medium hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials.

The analysis of the whole development tendency and the industry market prospect of crushing industry has particular instructive significance to accelerating the industrial structure adjustment of crusher as well as promoting the adjusting development of chemical enterprises in the near future and in the long term. The continuously developing crusher industry also gradually affects the materials of chemical industry such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide, new fields fine chemicals, inorganic salt, organic materials, rubber processing, chlor-alkali, chemical new material. It affects the position, current situation, development trend of the materials in national economy as well as the relevant policies and regulations, industry policy of the industry management.

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y, the developing of crusher plays an important role in the developing of the chemical industry. Nowadays, the widely used crushing method is still mechanical crushing mainly including extrusion, arm broken, grinding and impact. Non mechanical crushing has not been used in industrial production yet. Hard material crusher can be used for crushing boulders, ore, glass, tile, ceramic plates, ceramic, tile, brick, concrete, asphalt series, glass block, concrete block, slag, pressure casting, iron alloy, thin sheet material, etc.

At present, the originally belonging to the field of the mining machinery crusher industry has developed new technique and looked for new developing field in order to continuously expand the market. Especially the developing of mobile crusher which can move to the onsite to work has meet the needs of the market.

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May 22, 2012