The Normal Mobile Power Capacity Of More Than Mobile Power 60% Of The Electricity Consumption Of The Mark

Mobile power industry popular these days, the industry standard become a top priority

In recent years, many domestic electronics manufacturing companies have set foot in mobile power manufacturing, great to meet the needs of consumers use. However, behind the mobile power markets continued to flourish, the crazy influx impetuous again lead to industrial chaos frequent occurrence of product quality and safety problems have occurred. So, faced with selling mobile power products as soon as possible to develop industry standards regulate the act of production, improve product quality, strengthen market supervision, consumer protection, is imminent. Convenient and practical the popular pursuit recent years, with the further development of the smart phone, dual-core, quad-core processor, large screen, distinctive applications let more and more people can not do without the phone. However, the mobile phone standard battery power, after all, is limited, while on frequent use no power off thing will occur frequently. Thus, the emergence of mobile external power naturally phone control were favorable. It is understood that the mobile external power supply is actually portable charging treasure anywhere charge for mobile phones and other digital products, suitable for business, travel, long-distance travel ship, field operations, standby power. As many young consumers will move the external power supply as standard in smart phones, the Internet, mobile power for iphone watch movies, play games, and go out to the high frequency of use of business activities, the more popular and thus greater capacity external devices, such products in the market has been very popular. The quality of worrying frequent in recent years, the industry has been rapid development of China's mobile power to meet the space and use requirements of consumer choice. However, experts pointed out that the industrial chaos frequent occurrence, the market was mixed, uneven quality, inferior products due to quality problems caused due to moving the external power supply is still a emerging digital single product, many companies optimistic about its prospects for development, and therefore crazy influx impetuous and the frequent occurrence of safety hazards, has seriously affected the normal consumer use, and even endanger personal safety. It is understood that the core components of the mobile power internal batteries. Used two ways: polymer solid-state lithium ion batteries and liquid lithium-ion batteries, the latter is often referred to 18650. Because of the higher prices for the former than the latter, so the majority of mobile power will choose configuration 18650. General poor quality of mobile power 18650, mostly recycling reprocessing recycling discarded computer batteries recycling these mobile power batteries if the production process is not up to even blew phenomenon may occur, not only will burn phone on the human body can also cause damage. Other businesses in order to achieve the purpose of the phone fast charging, deliberately inflicted output voltage 5.1V or 5.2V, so charging time is fast, but also very serious hidden dangers of. Such as prolonged use of this mobile power supply voltage is too high, make phone overheating may make some parts of the the inside circuit protection system overheating, broken or melt away, and finally lead to the phone charging lose protection. The industry norms imminent due to the low threshold of mobile power manufacturing industry, many of the original do manufacturers of mobile phones and other electronic products have been involved in the power industry. However, in a highly competitive market behind numerous tricky consumers to be extra careful when buying. Insiders said that different vendors due to the lack of industry standards, the materials used in batteries, circuit board, there is a big gap; unscrupulous manufacturers directly purchasing some low-quality batteries, circuit boards, and then loaded into the shell, so the product quality is rare to guarantee. It is learned that the reason is that the use of low-quality batteries power less than normal, loss. The normal mobile power capacity of more than mobile power 60% of the electricity consumption of the mark, while the actual power of the inferior products may only be 40% or even lower. In addition, low-quality batteries in terms of performance, such as the discharge stability and the actual life of significant gaps. Should pay more attention, poor quality batteries there are certain problems in terms of safety performance in extreme environments such as high temperature explosion, especially in large-capacity mobile power, in the event of an explosion, the consequences could be very serious. At the time of purchase, the experts recommended that consumers not only concerned about the power of appearance, capacity and price, in fact the selection of mobile power mainly to see whether its efficiency. To mobile phones and other devices powered mobile power, mobile power, heating degree directly illustrate the level of efficiency. In general, the fever higher the lower the efficiency of this mobile power; Also, try to choose the big manufacturers, the quality of their products is relatively stable, there is a certain reputation, production and sales mobile power for iphone volume is relatively large, so the price is cheaper, do not buy high imitation and cottage the product. While later when they look at the output standard voltage of 5 ⅴ, and current of 300mA-1.5A. Experts point out that the mobile power industry is moving into the cottage's footsteps, the operation of mobile power manufacturers to earn a mentality is getting worse consequences is to create a product, the selling price is getting lower and mobile power lower, and finally within the industry enterprise can not be bigger and mobile power for iphone stronger, and is easy to form a vicious cycle. Therefore, as soon as the development of industry standards, norms act of production, improve product quality, strengthen market supervision, consumer protection, has become imperative. '
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Dec 6, 2012