Lumia Mobile Power 920 Built-qi Technology Means

The Nokia Lumia mobile power bank dedicated Fatboy little fat Wireless charging pillow I believe that the news readers see a lot about Nokia products last Monday leak information. Among them, the most notable is a wireless charging pad, leak, while also coupled with a very real-looking photos. Today, mobile power mobile power bank Nokia press conference the day has come, they officially opened the curtain for this charger - an oval discoid Qi wireless standard based on the popular device. Lumia mobile power 920 built-Qi technology means that it can use mobile power bank any third-party wireless charger, mobile power and not limited to the the mobile power bank Nokia official of this. In addition, Nokia has also released mobile power bank the short period for everyone to see a same Fatboy small fat brand's pillow is the same as charging purposes. Nokia is not wireless charger brings us too many details, but they said that Virgin Air Pacific Coffee Bean Coffee Bean coffee shop will mobile power bank offer wireless charging services - Virgin Atlantic will be in the British hope Heathrow airport lounge, Coffee Bean Coffee Bean coffee shop will be its counter to provide the service. []
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Dec 7, 2012