He Went Eagerly Anticipating Mobile Power The Mobile Gas Station

The station configuration phone charger the convenience of passengers, provide convenient services 21, the reporter went to the the Changchun Station North station house, North station house has enabled the two days, many travelers are full of praise for the many convenience facilities in North station house. Meanwhile North station house advanced facilities for travelers who shines. 9 pm, the public Zhang came to North Station the room elevated waiting room, waiting for the bus to go to Beijing. Mr. Zhang mobile power for iphone found that many people in the hall are queuing up to charge their mobile power cell phones in the mobile power for iphone mobile gas station before. My phone phone fast also dead, do not know can not charge in this iphone charging connector. Past South station house phone gas station, do not know the North station house there. Mr. Zhang said. He went eagerly anticipating mobile power the Mobile gas station, and I find an iphone phone charging mobile power connector. Only one connector, so bad. Mr. Zhang took out a one dollar coin cast into, took out the the joints aligned phone a plug, displayed on the screen is being charged. Great, original South station house by train mobile power for iphone has not been able to charge their cell phones, North station house was too advanced. Mr. Zhang said with a smile. http://www.mobilepoweronline.com/mobile-power-bank-3.html
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Dec 7, 2012