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Hey everyone, Im looking for and Indian Lesbian girl to get married. I live in the US and cannot relocate because I own my own businesses. Due to family pressures for me to get married this is the route Id like to take that would be beneficial for both of us. Behind closed doors we would be best friends/roommates. In front of family and friends be the perfect couple. We'd be free to be who we are and be Happy most of all. Let me know if you interested. Email me at mocatlanta@gmail.com
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26-30, M
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We are a lesbian couple from India.I am 26+ and my partner is 30.
We are well educated and Hindu by religion.None of us is mirror cracking material but I can say that we are not ugly :)
We are friendly people and moreover very loyal to each other.
We r in relationship from last 10 years.
Right now,very severe /serious pressure from family to get married to some good guy. Of-course they dont know about our not so natural affair and we cant hurt them.They dont deserve any bad situation coz of us.
So the only option left is Marriage of Convenience.
Any gay guy/couple facing the same situation and looking for M.O.C. can plz contact us on immediate basis.
N.B.:we dont have any interest in men.Just a social shield.But we shall be very good frenz in need and indeed throughout our lives.


Hey – have you checked out mocmatch . com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

Hey i just turned 23 and my family is pressurizing me to get married... I want to study further and looking for somebody in new york who can be a good husband in front of family and a good friend behind closed doors. I am well educated and decent looking. If interested write back to me.

Hey there, Im am interested. I live in Atlanta and in the same position as you are. Can you email me at MOCAtlanta@yahoo.com? We can swap pictures there too!