I Was Felt Up When Sunbathing Nude

Today, in fact, 14th May 2012. I got a lesson in the state of society - not that I needed it. And I dont feel dirty or bad - I didnt want to be touched either - and here is a joke too - imagine that some women consider themselves hetero - well can you imagine a woman doing that - hilarious idea.

If am going to write this - I might accidentally rant against non-naturists, despite what happened - as the story is short - almost nothing happened -
One old gay guy, knowing what men are like I guess, was used to touching people when he wanted -
I was being polite and naive - practising German - whilst sat naked at the local lake - I wasnt about to act like any British woman would and assume men are creeps and predators - they only think that for their ego and power relation to all men.
No I chatted away - trying to express advanced concepts - including the decline of naturism in Germany.
The guy took the chance to tell me he did massage - and took the opportunity to tell me where he massaged, by touching me with his hands - apparently on the shoulders and ****. I would say that could just be where he could reach but I wasnt sat so as to display myself - so he had to reach in for the **** - and since I didnt react enough - since I couldnt believe it - he took the chance to touch me again.

Although this is a serious account and true, I cant say I feel bad - of course - why should you? It was flattering - only women indoctrinated with hate (therefore a hate crime - await news on the law change) by feminists would think of men in general in this way and especially any physical contact.

I think he thought just saying he is a masseur gave him the right to reach out and touch - what he liked - as from what he said he must do a lot of Lingum massage - my german wasnt advanced enough to know how to discuss the finer and more abstract points of Taoism - but am not sure that was his perspective on stimulating mens organs - I think he was just a very forward gay old man who in this case rightly assumed he wouldnt get a belt for fondling a strangers penis. One cant help think that, if I had been a more thuggish looking German skin head - and yet naked at the lake (skin heads as a rule dont go in for the FKK for some reason - my Phd hasnt got that far as to ask why) would he have still been attracted to get close and chat and then dare to touch - probably not.

I would be interested in the discusion. Also I may write true stories soon that may cause arousal, but incidentally. This isnt meant to be the reason -
although if I was forced to think, and write all naturist experiences - there could be one or two that might cause the very desperate to be aroused - imagining what might have happened - in my experience modelling or just sunbathing, nothing of that nature has happened, nor would I want to be hypocritical.

Anyway - discuss.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

I've never considered being hit on by gays complimentary or flattering, its actually repulsed me. Had it been a female, hell ya!

You seem to be

a) over compensating for something

b) failed to understand that gay men are a better measure of attractiveness in men - they have a sexuality after all.

Sorry, how is that a comment at all? If you have gone to the effort of reading and pressing reply - at least have something to say - at least honest - even if predictably hateful and misjudged - going by the standard for this (yes my fault for having a higher opinion of human nature and using this site)
Was I crazy? My over familiar friend? Or do you know which experience you were replying to?

Ah so you want to teach me what a troll really means! Am not surprised!