And Nothing Happened That You Can ********** Over - But You'll Try Anyway.

I guess I want to provide an antedote to the freaking stories that get in the way of reality online - how some fat ugly loser got felt up by a female art teacher or such and such - it doesnt happen and this site means nothing if the experiences can be verified - else it is just there for perverts to externalise their tragic fantasies, and therefore get off on the idea that other people reading it might assume it is true.

Therefore - this puts me in an odd position of trying to find a middle ground of sharing an experience that was true and unusual and charged - but people who lack that in their life would want to find more exciting that it was.

Just because of the internet - tragic men and yes, women - who are perverts volunteer to be an art model. The good ones wouldnt have to as they get volunteered by someone and chosen. It is because of the pandemic of pervert attention seekers including women not just men, that means, like me, those models with ability and a serious professional approach - shall walk away because - if any fat pervert woman is good enough, then you dont need a model trained in ballet and yoga etc who is also an artist.

The only slightly sexy thing that ever happened to me was that I stayed behind to have photos taken - and that was it!
I did over hear some girls making flattering comments, but in the moment nothing is sexy - it can only potentially be, retrospectively.

RichiNat RichiNat
26-30, M
May 14, 2012